Family Counseling

Healthy family dynamics such as resolving conflicts, showing mutual respect, having trust for one another, and speaking the truth openly and honestly are key elements toward family functioning. A Pathways family counselor may chose to have one or more family members attend a counseling session in order to better understand the dynamics between individuals and the negative patterns that limit each members’ satisfaction in the family system. Often everyone needs to change a little to bring about cohesion and harmony. In addition to those issues listed under Marriage and Relationship Counseling, some common topics looked at in family counseling are outlined below:


Bringing an adopted child into an existing family, with or without other children changes the family dynamics immediately. Some parents feel immediately blessed and seek adoption counseling to help enrich their new experience. Others struggle with the new adjustment. The joy of a newly adopted child in some cases can suddenly vanish. Parents can begin to blame each other. Pathways Psychological Services counseling can help you navigate the transition and ongoing family development process.

Blended Families

Our society is seeing more and more blended families every year. It is becoming more common place for a child to have two homes and two sets of parents to come home to. When adults create new families through new unions, fresh and sometimes negative family dynamics appear as if out of nowhere. Ideally, pre-marital counseling is the place to begin when joining two families, but if that was not sought out or did not prevent problems, seeking help from a Pathways Psychological Services marriage and family therapist is never too late. Our licensed therapists can work with all members of the family or selected individuals to address specific issues as they arise. If you would like to make an appointment, contact us.

Divorce Adjustment

A divorce or separation can sometimes cause turmoil for the innocent victims. One or both of the parents and the children often experience grief from the unwanted loss. A Pathways Psychological Services family counselor is trained to assist those suffering from the fallout of a divorce and will compassionately help you and your family sort through the rubble so life can be restored. The new journey will be different but it can be one of hope and optimism.

Military Concerns

More and more service men and women are being called for active duty, often for extended stays, and some never return home. Long term deployment impacts not only the individual, but also the partner, children, and other family members. Pathways therapists would be honored to help you and your family with the issues you are facing with regards to deployment and/or returning home, or even permanent injury or loss of a loved one.

Parent-Child Conflicts and Sibling Rivalry

Parents fight with each other, parents fight with their kids, and kids fight among themselves. It is not what families necessarily want to see, but conflict is normal in relationships. How individuals fight or argue is the real issue. When conflict becomes disrespectful and harmful to other family members for too long, trust breaks down and healthy family dynamics become a thing of the past. A Pathways licensed family therapist can teach family members to speak openly and honestly with each other in a way that conflict can be resolved without leaving wounded souls on the battlefield. Attacking problems is the goal rather than attacking each other. To schedule an appointment, contact us.

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