Marriage & Relationship Counseling

Marriage counseling and relationship counseling for couples, married or not, focuses on improving communication, building conflict resolution skills, and building trust. Conflicts over parenting approaches, dealing with in-laws and/or extended family members, can also put a stress on relationships. A Pathways licensed marriage therapist is trained to help couples work through the obstacles that prevent them from enjoying a growing, mutually respectful union. A few of the many relationship issues a Pathways marriage counselor can often help you address are:

Abuse: Verbal, Emotional, or Physical

Abusive relationships can last for years, often in the name of love. It only takes one of the partners to break the tragic cycle. A Pathways mental health professional can help you navigate a better way to deal with abuse. The road to change may be difficult, but old wounds can be healed and new strategies for healthy relationships can be learned. Now is the time to put an end to the abusive cycle. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Affair Recovery

Emotional and physical affairs are devastating to a marriage but hope can be restored, trust can be rebuilt, anger can be removed, and marriages can recover well beyond the pre-affair stage. Commitment and dedication to the marriage counseling process is necessary. Spouses should be aware of the difficult road before them regardless of whether they pursue their marriage or a divorce after an affair. Neither road brings instant healing. Pathways Psychological Services Christian marriage counselors join couples in the healing process by helping them navigate a path of recovery through an open and honest exploration of how they got to this point and where they would like to move to in the future.


Relationships often struggle when a person tries to manage and control his or her partner all in the name of love and support. Often the partner is struggling himself or herself with an addiction or lacks a willingness to share responsibility in the relationship. A professional therapist at Pathways Psychological Services can assist in identifying each person’s role in the negative and unproductive patterns and help restore hope to the relationship. It does not have to be this way. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Communication and Conflict Resolution

Even the most successful relationships struggle from time-to-time in the areas of communication and conflict. Communication breakdowns are not uncommon and they generally lead to even more relationship conflict. Effective communication and conflict resolution take a tremendous amount of work and dedication. People often bring their old tools from the past into new relationships and expect different results. A Pathways Christian therapist can help you learn effective communication and conflict resolution tools for working through problems with others and communicating successfully more often.

Coping Skills

Some problems such as a terminal illness, severe mental health diagnoses, a physically challenged child, or financial stress are part of one’s daily life. A Pathways Psychological Services licensed therapist can help you develop coping skills to take control of what you can change and surrender to God those things you cannot.


Sexual relations are just one small aspect of marital intimacy. A healthy, vibrant marriage also needs to include emotional, intellectual, friendship, spiritual, and physical intimacy. A Pathways marriage therapist can help you identify and correct problems in intimacy so that you may achieve a fulfilling, intimate relationship.

Marital Distress

General marital discord, lack of fulfillment, and feelings of heading in two different directions often lead to separation and divorce. A marriage counselor at Pathways Psychological Services can help you restore intimacy, improve communication skills, build mutual respect, and effectively use conflict resolution tools that can transform a dying relationship into growing, fulfilling one.


Because people learn how to parent based on the family dynamics they grew up in, partners have different approaches to parenting. Successful parenting requires a blend of each parent’s unique experiences as a child along with some fresh approaches. A Pathways licensed marriage and family therapist can often help you solve relationship and marriage problems by addressing ongoing co-parenting issues. Parenting issues frequently become magnified in blended families.

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Spending 6 to 8 sessions preparing for your marriage with a licensed marriage counselor can alleviate years of battles down the road. A Pathways marriage therapist understands the issues that often arise and can help you attack them now before you attack each other later.


Second and third marriages present endless issues to sort through, many of which are not revealed until well into the marriage. Conflict over blending two family systems, step children, half-brothers or sisters, differences in religious orientation, finances, and dealing with new extended family members can make life in another marriage very stressful. A Pathways licensed professional therapist can help you resolve issues before and after they present themselves.

Spiritual Relationship Growth

Some couples are satisfied with their relationship but are looking for ways to grow even deeper or break through areas that feel stagnant. Often a spiritual focus in a Christian counseling setting can build on an already solid foundation and help propel a relationship into a new chapter of growth and spiritual intimacy. A Pathways Christian therapist can help spouses understand their individual roles in responding to God’s call for them as husband and wife. Seeking spiritual growth through Christian counseling at Pathways may include in-session prayer, biblical exploration and application, implementation of spiritual disciplines, referral to books by Christian authors, and development of an ongoing network of supportive Christian friends.

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