Individual Counseling

Marriage or family therapy is useful in many cases, but individual counseling is often used to assist someone struggling in one or more areas of their life. Individual Pathways counseling is often used to help adults resolve internal conflicts, identify and address personal blind spots, improve self confidence, grow spiritually and/or emotionally, and cope with the stressors of life. Sometimes psychological testing is used to help identify and attend to deeper issues. A few of the many individual issues a Pathways Psychological Services mental health professional can help you with are:


Addictions come in all shapes and sizes. People become addicted to chemicals, alcohol, sex, eating, love, gambling, relationships, work, and so forth. Admitting a problem exists is the first in a long series of steps a person must go through to bring about the necessary change he or she so desperately desires. Pathways counselors understand how unknowingly a person can fall into an addiction and how difficult it is to leave it behind. We are here to help.

Adjustment Issues

Life is full of life-stage transitions and unexpected circumstances.  These can include issues such as a severe physical illness, moving out of the house, getting married or divorced, losing a loved one, retirement, experiencing a serious accident, or moving to a new community. Regardless of the adjustment you are facing, Pathways Christian counselors can come along side of you in your new journey and help guide you toward your new goals.

Anger Management

Anger outbursts are often learned behaviors, sometimes passed down from generation to generation. Unresolved feelings of hurt, fear, and frustration are often at the core of one’s anger. Unmanaged, anger can lead to bitterness, destroy relationships and the self worth of those who are the target of the anger, often children. A Pathways Psychological Services professional therapist can help you work through past issues that may be preventing you from being the husband, wife, father, or mother you always aspired to become. It’s never too late to begin counseling.  To schedule an appointment, contact us.

Anxiety, Depression, and Phobias

Many individuals at some point in their life struggle with feelings of depression, anxiety, and/or specific phobias. Symptoms of depression often include loss of interest or pleasure, feelings of worthlessness or excessive guilt, social isolation, lack of concentration, feeling sad or empty, and even recurrent thoughts of death. Those struggling with anxiety often report excessive worry, feeling restless or keyed up, irritable, easily fatigued, or have trouble sleeping. Fear limits those with social or other specific phobias from fully experiencing life as they would otherwise wish to. Professional counseling often can help individuals assess the extent of their symptoms and assist clients in learning new ways of dealing with the stressors of life. A Pathways Psychological Services individual counselor or licensed psychologist can also help those whose depression, anxiety, or fears are based on irrational thinking to change old interpretations or thought patterns and replace them with more rational ones. If medication is warranted, your individual therapist will assist you in a referral for a medication evaluation from a licensed psychiatrist or other medical doctor.

Career and Work issues

Fears of or actual unemployment, unsatisfying jobs, or day-to-day work conflicts frequently pose a significant problem for many of us. Some Pathways licensed professional counselors have years of corporate experience and/or experience in workplace conflict resolution skills to help lead you to a fulfilling career where your God-given gifts, talents, and abilities can be utilized on a regular basis.

Chemical Dependency

Individuals struggling with drug and alcohol abuse or dependence often struggle in many other areas of their lives including marriage, child-parent relationships, and at work. Although Pathways does not specifically offer a chemical dependency treatment program, our professional therapists can help you sort through the underlying pain and related problems that are preventing you from experiencing life to the fullest.

Cultural Issues

Our families, workplaces, places of worship, and social groups are continuing to experience cultural changes. After all, this is America. Cultural diversity is part of who we are. Whether you are fairly new to the American culture or are in the midst of various cultural challenges, Pathways Psychological Services therapists can assist you in any struggles you may be experiencing.

Divorce Recovery

No one marries with the intent to divorce, but some marriages unfortunately end this way with one or both spouses making a decision that dissolves the original family. A licensed therapist at Pathways Psychological Services will walk the frequently painful road of recovery with you as you heal from the pain and transition toward independence, single parenting, and life as a single adult.

Grief and Loss

Being in a loving relationship with another human being sometimes means coming face-to-face with issues of grief and loss. Death, terminal illness, a broken friendship, or loss of a job or home can all lead to depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. A Pathways Christian counselor will compassionately help you restore hope by taking control of what you can change and surrendering the things you cannot change to God.

Interpersonal Relationship Conflicts

Whether at home, in the workplace, or in one’s social life, ongoing conflict can crush a person’s will to keep going. A Pathways therapist can help you identify things you can do to improve your relationships, patterns that you may be repeating, and boundaries you can create and maintain with difficult people. Conflict is normal in relationships, but conflict does not have to be destructive. There is a better way.

Low Self Worth and Self Esteem

Repeatedly viewing yourself as “less than” or inferior to others takes the joy out of life. Often these negative thoughts come from messages we explicitly or implicitly heard growing up in our family of origin. Your Pathways Christian therapist would like to help you see the truth of who you really are – a child of God, created in His image, and equal to everyone else in your life. Over time, as the truth of who you are becomes more and more of a reality to you, it will set you free.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Symptoms of OCD may include (1) recurrent intrusive thoughts that cause marked distress, (2) repetitive behaviors or mental acts that lead a person to feel driven to perform in response to obsessions or to reduce distress, and (3) excessive or unreasonable obsessions or compulsions that are time consuming and interfere with a person’s normal routine. People in a relationship with someone struggling with symptoms of OCD are likely to be negatively impacted as well. A mental health counselor at Pathways can assist you in opening a door to a new way of life. Help is available, change is possible.

Personality Disorders and Chronic Mental Illness

Like physical illness, mental illness can limit our ability to function as successfully as we would like. Sometimes the stigma of being diagnosed, correctly or not, with a personality disorder or mental illness weighs us down to the point of believing we are less than others. The truth is that we are all equal to each other, created by God in his image. Our Christian therapists can help you cope with your situation, teach you new ways of addressing problems in your life, and encourage you in achieving all that you are able and willing to achieve. Give us a call.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Traumatic events from our past can continually keep us feeling anxious and unable to enjoy all that life has to offer. A licensed professional counselor, licensed psychologist, Theophostic prayer facilitator, or EMDR trained therapist at Pathways Psychological Services is available to assist you in breaking free from the past and living each day in freedom without your painful memories limiting you.

Senior, Retired, and Aging Concerns

As individuals grow older, they meet new challenges. Issues such as ongoing medical problems, retirement, housing, adult children conflicts, finances, and diverging interests from their spouse can all lead to added stress, depression, and worry. A Pathways Psychological Services experienced counselor is there to empathetically listen and assist you in engaging your wisdom and experience to develop a plan to deal with your problems and promote growth for your golden years.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse is not limited to physical contact. It may also include non-contact abuse such as voyeurism, exposure, child pornography, and abuse by peers. Sexual abuse by family members is not uncommon and has devastated many. Children, adolescents, men, and women can be negatively impacted for years by past abuse. Pathways counseling offers hope for those looking for a way to free themselves from past abuse. Our Christian therapists will gently and compassionately walk with you through your difficult journey, allowing you to set the pace.

Sexual Addiction and Pornography

A sexual addiction therapist at Pathways Psychological Services understands the shame that is often found in people with an addiction to various kinds of pornography or sexual acting out behaviors. A Pathways Christian counselor can also assist those wanting to avoid bondage to a habit they see forming. Living a double life, while repeatedly praying and promising to never do it again, only adds to the shame and self-hatred. Now is the best time to open a new chapter of recovery by surrendering to a process that leads to hope. The truth really does set people free. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Single Parenting

Men and women often unexpectedly find themselves as a single parent as a result of the death of a spouse, continual absence of a spouse, or divorce. Our individual counselors and family therapists understand the challenges you face and will compassionately help you construct a plan for success.

Spiritual Struggles

People of faith often report significant psychological stress when they see themselves behaving in ways that contradict their spiritual belief system.  Spiritual struggles may also involve questions about salvation, spiritual warfare and doubts about an effective prayer life. Many people come to question God’s love when they see tragedy and their prayers go unanswered.  Some people experience a deep sense of hurt by others in the Christian church community and feel led to withdraw from worship services and even God himself.  Regardless of the reason, spiritual conflict often severely limits a sense of closeness with God and leads to a sense of spiritual emptiness or abandonment.  Through spiritual counseling at Pathways, our Christian counselors will help you to reconnect with your Creator through such methods as prayer, reading Christian authors, Bible study, and recommended activities for fellowship with other believers.  Your Pathways Christian therapist will help you to increase your understanding from scripture, approach God in faith and better discern his plan for your life.  Through Christ-centered therapy at Pathways Psychological Services, your spiritual struggles can be resolved and you will experience a new journey of hope and a better sense of connectedness with God.

Stress Management

Stress is part of life. Managing stress sometimes requires a supportive professional counselor when life experiences appear to unravel without warning.  Creating a manageable plan, maintaining a support network, and having access to all available resources are keys to successfully emerging from a stress-filled storm. Start now before you feel any more overwhelmed.

Women’s Issues

Women are created uniquely by God and often struggle with problems unique to them. Such problems can include the empty nest, returning to the workforce, menopause, marriage, caring for aging parents, depression, and conflict with other women. Your Pathways Christian counselor will compassionately assist you in overcoming the problems you are currently facing and help you take responsibility for the part you can control and release the rest to the Lord.

Work-Life Balance

Trying to build a career, while also trying to maintain fulfilling relationships with others, requires a balancing act with carefully balanced attention to both. A Pathways Psychological Services licensed therapist can support you in living a well-balanced life by focusing each day on your priorities, and still addressing unexpected stressors that life seems to present.

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