Phobias for Children


Children and teens are not immune to specific phobias. Sometimes anger or defiance are the presenting issues parents see most in a child struggling with phobias. A Pathways Psychological Services child psychologist or teen counselor can help assess your child’s struggles and develop a plan for addressing the underlying issues.

One or more of these signs may be present

Intense and chronic worry about a specific situation or thing

Pounding heart

Dry mouth

Uncontrolled crying

Stomachaches and headaches

Elevated blood pressure

Frequent shaking

What should I do?

Children may be scared about many things, but when it elevates to the level of physical symptoms and chronic worry, they need help. If your child has phobias, you want to see a medical doctor evaluate the physical symptoms. After you have done that, Pathways can help you, and your child cope with phobias and would be glad to assist you.
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