Phobias for Adults


Many individuals at some point in their life struggle with feelings of specific phobias. Fear limits those with social or other specific phobias from fully experiencing life as they would otherwise wish to. Professional counseling often can help individuals assess the extent of their symptoms and assist clients in learning new ways of dealing with the stressors of life. A Pathways Psychological Services individual counselor or licensed psychologist can also help those whose fears are based on irrational thinking to change old interpretations or thought patterns and replace them with more rational ones. If medication is warranted, your individual therapist will assist you in a referral for a medication evaluation from a licensed psychiatrist or other medical doctor.

One or more of these signs may be present

Intense and chronic worry about a specific situation or thing

Pounding heart

Avoidance of tasks because of fear

Dry mouth

Uncontrollable crying and shaking

Stomachaches and headaches

Elevated blood pressure

What should I do?

Phobias can be debilitating. If you or someone you know is suffering from what seems to be overwhelming or irrational fear, please seek help. If there are physical symptoms, see a medical doctor for evaluation.
Pathways can help with counseling for people with phobias and would be happy to assist you. Call us , Email us or  Contact Us  to request an appointment. Day and evening counseling sessions are available, and we would be happy to assist you in finding relief.