Divorce Adjustment for Families

Divorce Adjustment 

A divorce or separation can sometimes cause turmoil for the innocent victims. One or both of the parents and the children often experience grief from the unwanted loss. A Pathways Psychological Services family counselor is trained to assist those suffering from the fallout of a divorce and will compassionately help you and your family sort through the rubble so life can be restored. The new journey will be different but it can be one of hope and optimism.

One or more of these signs may be present

Anyone in the family suffering from anxiety, anger, or other intense emotions

Prolonged adjustment period

Difficulty coping with the custody schedule

Children having trouble in school

Single parent issues

Relationship problems

What should I do?

Divorce can be hard on every member of the family. If there are children involved, they may find it difficult to adjust to new living arrangements. A single parent may suffer from new responsibilities while still adjusting to the heartbreak of divorce. There may also be financial challenges.
If your family is having difficulty adjusting to a divorce, or struggling with issues surrounding a past divorce, Pathways can offer support and guidance. Please Call us , Email us or  Contact Us to request an appointment. Day and evening counseling sessions are available, and we would be happy to help you through this difficult time.