Julie S Zuehlke, RN, CNS

I’m Julie Zuehlke, seeing adult women in the Pathways Psychological Services of Rochester office. When life hurts, I can help.

You’re checking this site most likely because you have a burden you’re bearing. You may be a woman with the burden of abuse in her life, past or present, needing help to face it, understand it, and be free of its pull on your life.

The word abuse is a an ugly word. Perhaps calling it mistreatment by others in your life, especially when you were younger, is another way to look at it. Or, perhaps your mistreatment now as an adult is another way to look at it. No matter your age, it can be violent physical actions against you, icky touch, thunderously loud words and accusations, purposeful or accidental exposure to scary things or people, betrayal by an important person in your life, or general feelings of powerlessness, unimportance, or being trapped. Perhaps you have memories that pop up, called flashbacks, that unnerve you.

Whatever it’s form, you find your life now is unraveling and you don’t know how to put it back together. Your burden of these things in your past or present is burdening you now, and you are stuck in a life that’s just plain hard.

You may have talked to friends about this, but it isn’t changing. You may not have talked to anyone because you’re concerned they will minimize it or not believe you.

Talking to me will be different. Talking to me centers on four things:

1. Your 50 minutes

Our clinical 50 minutes is all about you. You need not give me any time to talk about my life or update you. Your 50 minutes is yours.

2. Your Privacy

What you share with me won’t slip in conversation with others who know you, as it might with a friend. All is confidential and you control who knows.

3. Your Schedule

My appointment schedule is open to you to match with yours and you will be able to see me on a regular basis is you so desire.

4. Your Improvement

I bring skills to our time together that I have developed over years of experience and I intentionally stay professionally up to date with how I can help you improve. We will decide together what you need and work together toward improvement and release from your burdens and won’t spend time for you to just get it off your chest. Not only do I work with accepted clinical skills, but I take your personal faith-walk in perspective, and don’t neglect the role of spiritual factors in your life.

I’m Julie Zuehlke working in the Pathways Psychological Services of Rochester office and if what I said makes sense to you, contact me at the Rochester office.